Beginning in 2021, Gamefis have ushered in a high-speed channel of development.The endless stream of Gamefis has given rise to a blowout trend in the market.Among them are some rising stars who stand out from many competitors with their excellent game design.BTCFISH is one of them One, this is a Gamefi ecosystem that is participated by players from all over the world and believes in earning while playing + continuous value-added.With the game screen that makes players frantically click and the playability of leisure and decompression, it has been popular all over the world since its launch.set off a huge boom.



The secondary market continues to heat up, and the BTCFISH ecology is booming

BTCFISH is a new Gamefi that combines Play to Earn, NFT equipment collection and PVP/PVE battles.It aims to hunt deep-sea fish.Players can earn more gold coins by constantly upgrading their turret NFT.Game screen The style is gorgeous, and the strange fish schools in the deep sea make players immerse themselves in a pleasant underwater world; rich game modes + various turret props + super high return blessings, completely conquer the mysterious underwater world, and plunder the rare deep sea Fish species realizes earning while playing, and establishes a Gamefi ecology based on the dual combination of NFT+ games driven by global players.

At present, BTCFISH is showing a vigorous development trend, the consensus ecology continues to expand, and the application ecology and commercial implementation are steadily advancing.It is worth mentioning that the BTCFISH ecological token BFC has also ushered in a brilliant performance recently.According to dex screener data, BFC The heat in the secondary market has ushered in a new round of highs, with a 24-hour increase of over 38.09%, and the recent highest increase of 342.48%, setting a milestone again.A dose of “heart booster”.

Explore the BTCFISH Gamefi ecology

1. Game arena

BTCFISH There are seven game scenes in the game, including Gold Rush gold rush field, Duel horn fishery, Arena arena, Football football field, Dragon Tiger Dragon and Tiger Competition, Private room private room and BTC fishing ground bit fishery. At present, players can participate in the gold mining field, and the rest of the field mode will be open in BTCFISH2.0.

2. Battery

Players need to buy and cooperate with bullets to join fishing gold. The battery in BTCFISH is divided into 6 levels from low to high. The higher the battery level, the battle strength and health, the daily bullet supply can be increased accordingly, and the final gold income can also become higher.

3. Game token:BFC

BFC is the only ecological token of BTCFISH, which can be obtained through in-game game play and resource rewards (for example, automatically redeemed for BFC through gold field play “Gold Rush”), or through the secondary market. BFC is mainly used for the purchase, competition and voting of in-game items. In the future, BTCFISH will launch more enabling scenarios around BFC.

4. Multiple application ecology

BTCFISH Committed to building a converged Gamefi + NFT + DAO + metauniverse + Web3 concept of Gamefi application ecology, based on DAO autonomous mode, Gamefi core gameplay mode, NFT props, exclusive meta-universe world and Web3 technology, to create a new BTCFISH multi-application ecology.


As you can see, BTCFISH changed the traditional fishing game fragmentation, connect each player, and based on NFT build value sharing network, officially open Gamefi chain a new era of the world swim, the continuation of classic fishing game charm features, rich variety of session changes, NFT fort equipment powerful blessing, open crazy sweep each big Marine fish, more generous rewards waiting for you, come to join!

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