DARTrader is invited to attend Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022, which exhibited from 20 October to 6 November 2022. The exhibition transformed the 20,000-square-foot Central venue into an engaging and interactive high-tech Web 3.0 art experience. Thousands of digital artworks will be showcased at Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022.

It is worth noting that DARTrader exhibited the world’s first NFT ATM, which attracted a large number of NFT enthusiasts to experience it in the exhibition. NFT collectors could buy the NFT offline such as David’s CUP from Greedland, Icebear from Decentral Arts Team,etc.

Greedland, a traditional Hong Kong art brand, is bringing Web3’s most innovative ideas to the field. The mission is to integrate the traditional and passionate football world into the new wave of the blockchain. Greedland will release David’s CUP NFT this winter, Qatar, to commemorate the first football feast after COVID-19, combining traditional classic aesthetic elements with modern style, interpreting the literature and art of the crypto art era with a new concept The rise of the revival, the post-pandemic boom, and the quadrennial football frenzy.

DARTrader is an NFT trading platform founded by the Decentral Arts (ie DART) team. It has a wealth of world-class artist resources, as well as super-large and iconic IP cooperation channels. It has jointly operated several top IPs with national museums/art institutions.


As we all known, NFT can be easily used to verify ownership and authenticity, and it is irreplaceable, unique and traceable. In contrast to traditional arts, NFT can solve many issues such as digital scarcity, etc. Obviously, NFT is the inevitable development of traditional art market.

Since trading is the core function of NFT, a new NFT trading platform will inevitably appear in the future to upgrade of the entire NFT industry. Therefore, the DART team dedicated to setting up the DARTrader, a grand new business model NFT trading platform. David’s CUP will be the first crossover collaboration between Dartrader and Greedland. Greedland will bring more traditional artists and collectors to Dartrader, a new-generation NFT trading platform.

In the future, DARTrader will continue to innovate and conduct more technical explorations of NFT trading functions, including the already launched new royalties rule, NFT SWAP, Mystery Swap, NFT Trade Mining, Trading Guild and more. DARTrader also welcome more people to join and explore more new possibilities of Decentral Arts together.


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