Since the rise of Axie, blockchain games have ushered in a new era of development. As a star industry of the blockchain, chain games have bid farewell to the identity of the niche circle in the past, and have been promoted to a level of value consensus among the public. It can be said that chain games have realized the industrial innovation of the game industry and reshuffled the value distribution of the industry by taking advantage of the non-tamperable characteristics of distributed storage data in blockchain technology.

It can be said that the fiery trend of chain games has become a new outlet, but the imperfect infrastructure has caused the existing chain game industry to be in an embarrassing position of stagnation. BIKING hopes to use its own strong community traffic capital to improve the current situation of the chain game market , and try to integrate chain games into the field of self-developed platform version Web3.0 to form a win-win ecology that promotes mutual development.

Difficulties in the development of the chain game market

Looking at the entire blockchain game market, there are actually very few creative blockchain game DApps, and more of them are homogeneous and flooded games, which has caused the public to be engraved with the image of shoddy third-rate games. A large number of developers are in a state of reinventing the wheel, so that the innovation of the blockchain has not been opened.

In fact, such a predicament cannot be directly blamed on developers, but the overall underlying technical facilities are not mature enough. For example, there used to be a chain game on Ethereum that was once popular across the Internet—Crypto Kitties. The highest price of one of the popular cats once reached hundreds of thousands of dollars, but due to the performance defects of Ethereum, it eventually led to this This game is slowly dying.

If a game can be deployed on multiple blockchains at the same time, and data can be exchanged, then blockchain games may usher in explosive growth. It is best to combine it with other encryption fields, so that chain games in the growth stage can get capital assistance from mature fields, and develop their own ecological construction more rapidly.

Ideas for the development of the chain game market

BIKING is currently preparing for the construction of the Web3.0 system. The chain game team puts forward the following vision for the future of chain games based on the current market situation and BIKING’s ecological rules:

①The core assets in the blockchain game should be based on NFT, and can be completely controlled by users.

② Broaden the Play to earn development model, and realize profits in other commercial forms, such as advertisements and commercial performances.

③ Pay attention to the combination of game playability and ecological economy, rather than simply pursuing short-term value gains.

④ Combined with the latest technology, it can be the hottest ChatGPT at present, making the NPC in the game more intelligent.

⑤ All internal transactions of chain game projects must be carried out within the BIKING ecosystem and managed by multi-signature wallets.

The bigger innovation is that the BIKING team hopes to use technology upgrades to realize the mutual conversion of NFT values ​​​​in different projects, so that the chain game experience will be further improved. In other words, after playing a game for a long time, users can convert all original game assets to other games according to the BIKING ecological conversion agreement, and there is only a very small fee consumption in the process. From a development perspective, BIKING has opened up a new era of value conversion for blockchain games.

BIKING Creates a New Experience of Chain Games

At present, BIKING is actively deploying the chain game industry by using the value conversion protocol of off-chain games. First, the first batch of quasi-games put on the market includes three different styles of games: encrypted skydiving, crazy quiz, and speeding car. Players can choose according to their own preferences. Choose Try it.

Take the encrypted skydiving game as an example. Players control the virtual character in Web3.0 to jump at the optimal height through simple operations. The more accurate the height, the more profitable it will be. In this game, BIKING also hides a lot of welfare eggs for players to actively explore and find. For example, when players purchase blind boxes such as airplane NFTs and skydiving specification NFTs, there is a chance that the blind boxes will have different quality levels. The higher the level, the higher the value potential of the NFT, and the higher the rate of return in the game mode. Combining NFTs of different quality levels is used in skydiving games to achieve different benefits.

BIKING hereby promises that game assets such as props, equipment, and game currency in all games on the platform are stored in BIKING’s own database, and are completely under the independent control of the platform, and will never outsource user privacy information.


Based on the vision of creating an autonomous, transparent, open and credible brand-new game ecosystem for game users, the BIKING team focuses on rebuilding the core rules of the game logically and technically, and is committed to building the world’s best blockchain game distribution platform and development Community.

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