Since last year, in the face of the ever-changing market environment, countless companies and projects have fallen in the blockchain industry, many of which are industry “stars”. However, there are also many teams that can find a way out and go international in the turbulent situation. CXEX, which is taking advantage of the trend, is one of them.


According to overseas media reports, as of 2022, the long-established CXEX platform has a total registered users of 2 million, an average daily active user of 100,000, and is distributed in 120 countries and regions, making it one of the most widely distributed crypto trading platforms in the world. .

Many users will think that the growth rate of CXEX exchange is amazing. In fact, CXEX has achieved today’s impressive results, and it is inseparable from CXEX’s control of the development direction of the industry.

In terms of international layout, starting from 2021, CXEX will use the United States as the entry point to officially enter the European and American markets that are friendly to the encryption industry. Since then, it has strengthened communication with various regions around the world and expanded business development in order to change the situation. achieve breakthrough.

On April 27th, the first FTX Crypto Bahamas conference hosted by FTX and SALT invited heavyweight guests such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, 42nd US President Bill Clinton, and current Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Davies to attend. In addition, the CXEX platform also came to the Bahamas to start industry discussions with leading investors and builders in the fields of blockchain, digital assets and web3.

The relevant person in charge of CXEX also said that through the industry high-end summit, it is possible to communicate with top enterprises and teams on different operating models and technological innovations, which can create a better trading experience for users.

471657853706_ in terms of security compliance. CXEX always regards compliant and safe operation as the foundation of its life, and has been increasing its support for platform technology research and development, and has established an independent technology research and development framework system to ensure transaction stability and asset security from the underlying technology. In fact, CXEX has never been hacked so far, which fully reflects that CXEX’s security operations have been at the forefront of the industry.

At the same time, CXEX has been actively using the concept of compliance development to strategically deploy the global market, and actively embrace a comprehensive regulatory system including traditional financial compliance licenses, sandboxes and industry self-discipline. For example, Hoo Hoo has been successfully approved for MSB licenses in the United States and Canada. CXEX is doing its best to provide a safe trading environment for users around the world.

With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, CXEX has always adhered to the principle of safety first in terms of business development lines and compliance development concepts. At the same time, it also relies on international resource advantages to continue to build a safe and convenient encrypted trading environment for users. , moving towards deep globalization.

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