Another metaverse ecological masterpiece in the NFT market! At 12:00 (UTC+0) on June 17th, Drive2, the bellwether project of the global automotive metaverse ecology, will sell a limited number of 500 NFT blind boxes on the official website. All blind boxes were sold out in a very short period of time. The number of NFTs for sale at 14:00 (UTC+0) on June 17 was sold out in advance! According to news, a total of 3,000+ whitelists and 10,000+ non-white users around the world participated in this sale, which was an unprecedented event.


Drive2 is a Web3 car metaverse ecological application, which is aimed at global car owners and gets rewards by contributing safe driving data. It originated from three boys who love racing. They are committed to creating a game that combines games and making money, combined with decentralization. Finance, digital assets, NFT, innovative traditional game experience.

When the metaverse became the new darling of the crypto circle, looking back, you will find that most projects cannot escape the fate of “a vigorous start and a tragic ending”. Overnight, the currency circle’s understanding of NFT, meta, and Game-fi returned to the most essential belief: it is necessary to jointly participate in the distribution of interests of the community! In a word, metaverse projects that cannot continue to bring positive profits are false propositions, and since April this year, the automotive Web3.0 ecology represented by Drive2 is exuding infinite possibilities.


Drive2 can stand out from the siege and become popular on the whole network as the leader of the concept of “car metaverse”, precisely because OG users can truly achieve drive to earn and get the most primitive participation opportunities in it. It is tantamount to lying to win. The following is a simple analysis of participating in Drive2 and does not represent any investment advice:

First of all, as the name of the Drive2 project, its core essence is “driving”. Using smart contracts to upload the roadmap to the chain through code, any future development decisions of the project will focus on “driving”, whether users participate in $DMT or NFT car collections, and follow-up access to more driving Game-fi experience or join The real data sharing of cars is completely in line with the original intention of the project drive to earn, and they can all get considerable token rewards.

Secondly, participating in the construction of the automobile metaverse community will gain huge benefits. The narrative of Web 3.0 is very grand and all-encompassing. Drive2 fully conforms to this trend. The future virtual driving scene will be closely integrated with human life. If you can participate in the community construction of Drive2 at the earliest stage, you will undoubtedly have a first-mover advantage in the automobile metaverse ecology, and you will be able to directly obtain enough incentives for the ecological construction of Drive2, so the Drive2 community can expand rapidly.


On the whole, Drive2 is the undisputed leader in the automotive metaverse. In addition to being able to get huge rewards for early participants, in the short term, by completing the whitelist or directly participating in the snap-up of NFTs by ordinary users, the premium space of NFTs will be increased. It is unimaginable; in the medium and long term, through various virtual scenarios of $DMT and NFT car (such as car NFT participating in $DMT mining), there will be no ceiling for the application scenarios of the Drive2 car metaverse in the future.

Drive2 NFT Blind Box can be regarded as an entry ticket to the car metaverse ecology. The second light sold by the blind box may only be the beginning. The most important thing is that Drive2’s global community foundation is strong enough to quickly form an automotive metaverse. The ecological dividend period has a profound impact on the future layout of the current Web3.0, which is also the secret behind the explosion of Drive2 NFT.

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